Benefits for the environment

Proactive environmental protection

Flustix not only protects the consumer. A plastic-free product offering protects nature and of course our daily buying decisions have a great impact on the environment.  Plastic may seem conventient but at the end the price which we pay for a coffe-to-go or a micro beads-peeling is way too high.

Plastic ends up in nature…

…and does not decay. Small particles and free floating packaging endangers sea creatures, animals on land, our grounds and nature as a whole. As plastic becomes smaller it becomes increasingly toxic as substances can easily adhere onto those tiny particles. As a result toxins are transported into water, food and eventually into the human body. This is why we need to make sure to avoid plastic wherever possible. Avoidance instead of material utilization!

The combustion of plastic releases toxic gases and is being concealed as “recycling”

Fact: In Germany, only 40% of all plastic packaging is being recycled by “Gelber Sack”.  Rates have been stagnating for years. Almost 60% of six million tons of plastic are being “energetically recycled” which means: burned.  If we manage to avoid plastic in the first place, we would not have to burn the material which releases toxic gases when burned.

We are proactive

Flustix supports environmental organisations and participates in initiatives to clean-up beaches, rivers and local green areas.  We support scientific research and establish dialogues with politicians in order to impose regulations for single use plastic.

Environmentally sound

Flustix certified goods represent a new standard in sustainable product design. Why? – Plastic is a ever-lasting material. It does not decay. Instead, it crushes into smaller particles which are increasingly accumulating in nature. Plastic residue and particles have become a global environmental problem. Therefore, plastic has to be reduced in consumer goods and generally be banned as a single-use material. Flustix encourage brands to use less plastic in their product design and incororate the reduction of synthetics in the general CSR-strategy. Because avoiding plastic in the first place is always better than disposing!

Socially beneficial

Reducing plastic in consumer products benefits society as a whole: resources are conserved and our health benefits from less synthetics. It is long due that corporations answer to consumer’s quests for less plastic as single-use plastic is often dispensable and an additional cost factor. With Flustix extensive PR and online communication strategy we educate both, consumers and brands and want to inform about the dangers of plastic-overuse and encourage the use of alternatives. We support local initiatives to clean beaches, rivers and the ocean. But also local spots such as parks and cities are subject to littering and pollution, so Flustix dedicates it’s activity to local activists of all scale.

plastic free economically-successful

Economically successful

Plastic-free materials are commercially successful, as our study in Germany shows. A plastic-free product is a sustainable product and can be communicated as such to the modern customer, who wants to make an eco-friendly buying decision. When packaging solutions are innovated, a positive marketing effect is created. Nevertheless, synthetics should not be demonized in this marketing process: Plastic is indispensable in medical-, transportation or safety businesses. However, financial profit should never be made at the expense of the environment, therefor a plastic-reduction seal can increase your brand value.

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