Sustainable credibility for businesses

Independent product certifications and sustainability label

Considering the broad variety of eco-friendly promises within self-defined CSR-standards, Flustix finally brings clarity to sustainability certificates: our public sustainability criteria as well as a transparent and scientific assessment of products create the most credibile CSR-focus both internally and externally.

Is your company an innovator above average? Are you a leader and a re-thinker within your industry? You know for a fact that sustainable and eco-friendly firms will shape the market of the future? Then, allow us to communicate your  excellence and efforts of plastic-reduction. We make your eco-friendly product optimization visible while answering to the demands of the environmentally conscious customer. Decide for the FLUSTIX standard: A credible, reliable label for sustainability for pioneers in responsible use of plastics.

A credible certification for innovators

We have a plastic problem in the oceans and in our every day life. Synthetic materials account for the majority in packaging, cosmetics and clothing.  By now, plastic residue can be traced in our food and our drinking water is contaminated with the toxin magnet plastic. Mikroplastic is literally everywhere and can enter the human body easily which has unpredictable consequences for our health. So this issue concerns everybody. Our solution is simple: Flustix certifies all products, which are free of plastic or reduce the use of plastics where possible.



Flustix is 100 percent reliable: Products that have been awarded are repeatedly re-tested to insure continous compliance to our standards. Furthermore, the seal has to be renewed and reprooven annually. Internally, our Flustix standard is regularily reassessed by an independent committee consisting of activists, the green lobby, and sustainable innovators on the market.

Aufklärung gegen Plastikverschmutzung


Flustix believes in the power of public opinion and open debate. Our broad communication strategy – social, digital and classical media informs and educates about the plastic issue. Every product that has been tested successfully by Flustix will be introduced as plastic-free on the blog and is listed on our website. Furthermore, we inform about the latest scientific research regarding the plastic subject and feature activities like clean-ups and other initiatives.



Marine pollution caused by plastic is one of the most prominent and discussed issues of today. However, the problem is not only in the ocean. It is everywhere! With Flustix you have the opportunity to make a conscious and sustainable buying-decision in order to produce less plastic waste.

Zusammen gegen Plastikverschmutzung


Integrity is everything to us. Because our partners are independant, they insure environmental compliance. Items are tested by the independent and unbiased laboratory and the Flustix seal is awarded only by our independent license partner. Flustix is transparent and unbiased in every way. This process helps us to provide a sustainable system to reduce plastic waste.