What is flustix RECYCLED?

flustix RECYCLED is a unique certification indicating the use of plastic recyclates in new products

Industrially produced products look increasingly similar. Nevertheless, there can be huge differences in their materials. Manufacturers often wonder how to fight their aggressive competitors while keeping their sustainable products on the market. How can they oppose cheap products with more expensive yet sustainable, high quality products? The flustix certification for recyclates is suitable for products made from recycled material, in the production of which e.g. plastic waste can be used before or after use.This explicitly includes industrial waste. The certification is based on the Certification programme – products made of recycled material according to DIN EN ISO 14021 and DIN EN 15343

Recyclate labelling for consumer and non-consumer sectors

  • flustix RECYCLED certifies resource-saving alternatives for food and single-use packaging, circulation packaging and beverage bottles.
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging significantly influences cosmetics and sanitary products purchasing decisions. Many consumers are even happy to pay higher prices then. As a result, consumers are even scrutinising conventional cosmetics. Today’s consumers assess packaging types carefully before deciding whether or not to make a purchase
  • flustix RECYCLED certifies products used in construction such as window frames, flooring, insulation, and other prefabricated components
    containing recycled synthetics. Construction supplies including fixtures, cable ties, dowels and others also qualify.
  • Functional textiles and fashion products can be made with recycled materials which are highly in demand, too. Conventionally produced
    fashion, which does not provide transparency regarding its production
    processes, has increasingly fallen into disrepute. Clear certification through flustix is very profitable in this sector.
  • Surfaces, coatings and foil made from recycled materials. The use of new plastics in car manufacturing has steadily increased over the last 20 years. Already today, 50% of plastics used in this
    industry are recyclates. Dashboards, bumpers, tanks, handles, knobs, housings, containers, clamps, sockets – a market for recyclates.

Your advantages

Preference in public procurement
Worldwide validity and market access with our international audit system
Licensing shows the exact percentage of the recycled material on the item and/ or packaging
A clear decision-making and guidance tool for trade partners and consumers
Increased trust in your and brand and product from markets and consumers
Trustworthy auditing, examination and assessment of audited results
Ensuring a consistently high level of testing and quality
Growing brand recognition through: - continuous advertisement of the flustix RECYCLED trustmark - continuous marketing and public relations work for the flustix RECYCLED trustmark

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