First unpackaged delivery service brings plastic-free shopping

First unpackaged delivery service brings plastic-free shopping 953 375 flustix

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Food delivery services are the big thing in Germany’s big cities: Gorillas, Flink and Getir are their names, and they bring groceries home in a matter of minutes. Their sustainability record is mediocre: Fruit and vegetables are often packed in plastic, and the groceries come in disposable bags. This is where Glasbote (ge. ‘glass messenger’) comes in: The start-up from Düsseldorf is Germany’s first unpackaged delivery service.

Glasbote promises plastic-free shopping: “We only use reusable glasses, reusable fruit and vegetable nets, and jute bags.” There is an in-house deposit system for this. The jars and bags can be returned with the next purchase. We at flustix took a look around the online store – and were surprised. Glasbote really does offer a wide range of products: fresh organic fruits and vegetables, spreads, pasta, canned goods, coffee, fresh rolls and pastries, beverages, and even a wide range of drugstore and hygiene products.

The purchases are delivered by cargo bike. Currently, Glasbote delivers in Düsseldorf and Meerbusch. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this great innovation will catch on.

Image Credits: Glasbote