flustix – The First Independent Consumer Trustmark Series for Comprehensive 360-Degree Plastic Sustainability and Circular Economy

The wide range of Seals makes flustix unique – One recognizable Badge for six Distinct Aspects of Plastic Sustainability

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Update from Strasbourg: The EU defines a strict Framework for Green Claims!

On March 8, 2024, the European Parliament approved the Green Claims Directive (GCD). This legislation
sets new standards in product communication by mandating companies to ensure their product sustainability claims
are clear, transparent, verifiable, and legally compliant. These requirements apply to product labeling,
at the point of sale and across all media and communication channels.

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A credible, dynamic trustmark for pioneers in plastic reduction.

flustix offers consumer seals that test and certify goods and packaging for their plastic sustainability. Products that are ideally plastic-free can be labeled with our four PLASTICFREE seals. In addition, with flustix RECYCLED, we offer certification of products and components that are made entirely or partially from secondary plastics (recycled content). flustix RECYCLABLE also tests and certifies packaging for its recyclability. Thus, the flustix seal series offers a unique approach to 360-degree plastic sustainability. It allows consumers a reliable, recognizable and transparent orientation. In this way, our seals enable conscious and plastic-reduced purchasing, protect the environment and help innovative economic actors to clearly communicate their sustainability in terms of plastic and material choice.

Our goal: to reduce plastic waste

The mission of flustix is to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Because this not only contributes to environmental, water, species, biodiversity and marine protection, but in many cases also significantly to the reduction of production-related greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, it is important to rethink plastic instead of categorically demonizing it and to reduce plastic use exactly where it makes sense: in the consumer sector. Products bearing a flustix seal have been independently tested and make a valuable contribution to the health of humans, animals and the environment.
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tons plastic waste are produced in German households every year

Companies play a crucial role in reducing plastic consumption and having a positive impact on our environment. By designing products and packaging that are low in plastic, you can make a valuable contribution to environmental protection and meet consumer demands for more sustainable alternatives. In our consultation, we will show you how you can communicate your commitment to plastic sustainability to your customers
(B2C and B2B) through the independent flustix certification.

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Packaging Summit 2021 – Vortrag: Anerkannt und rechtssicher Plastik-Nachhaltigkeit bewerben

Malte Biss, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von flustix GmbH referiert auf der Packaging Summit über die Tücken mit dem Greenwashing und die Möglichkeiten sowie Vorteile rechtssicherer Zertifizierung von wahrhaftig nachhaltiger Verpackung


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