Zero Waste! Cooking classes against food waste

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Put an end to the insane waste of food – that is the concern of the Berlin-based chef Thore Hildebrandt. Hildebrandt, who actually studied banking, is a zero-waste chef. This means that he conjures up delicious dishes from food that is thrown away in other kitchens. And he uses ingredients that have been produced and purchased sustainably.

“I want to inspire people to go new ways and connect them through the senses not only with each other but also with nature and our resources – for a healthier and more sustainable life,” says Thore. For that, he offers workshops: Zero-Waste cooking, cooking without animal foods, or even fermenting – an ancient technique that is becoming increasingly popular in modern and sustainable cooking.

His workshops are available both online, at your home, and for companies. When Thore arrives, he does so sustainably too, of course. He uses his cargo bike for everything. Here you find his website.

Image Credits: Thore Hildebrandt