Test process and licencing

Independent testing laboratory – independent licencing partner

All kinds of products are qualified to apply for one of our Flustix seals. Each product or component has to pass through a multitiered plastic-testing method prior to the awarding of the Flustix seal.

If  a company intends to get certified by our independant seal, two items need to be sent to Flustix and our partner laboratory WESSLING for testing. The chemical experts at WESSLING test the item thoroughly using the latest analytical methods. These results give conclusive grounds for the awarding of the plastic-free certificate through our licencing partner DIN CERTCO.

A sustainability label for first-movers and innovative brands

Your business is already a leading player in CSR? Your strategies are above average and even examples of best practices? You are aware that innovation and sustainability are key ingredients for a succesful business model? If so, you are equally aware of the problems that plastic poses in production, transport and disposal. Then you also know for a fact that tomorrow’s market will be cutting down on petroleum based materials.

Sustainability plastic-free certification


After your application has entered our system, we test the item and its packaging for plastic purity according to the Flustix standard.

2. Laboratory

The independent chemical laboratory WESSLING GmbH analyzes the product using the latest and most reliable testing methods. Only once our complete range of tests have been positive, terms for certification are met.

3. Awarding of the certificate

Our logo- and licencing partner RAL gGmbH awards the print-files and terms of use for product identification to the manufacturer.

4. Market

Being available in-store, each product is subject to repeated controls and is being monitored by our partners in order to prevent fraud and misuse of the certification mark.

A superior standard in sustainability

A credible, dynamic label for first movers in plastic reduction