What can be put in the yellow garbage can? This list will really help you

What can be put in the yellow garbage can? This list will really help you 1920 768 flustix


The “Waste Separation Initiative” explains what belongs in the yellow bag or the yellow garbage can. The initiative knows what they are talking about, as they are the mouthpiece of the companies that operate the dual system. The Green Dot is also part of the dual system.

Aluminum, tin and plastic lids

Pharmaceutical blisters

Butter foil

Buttermilk and yogurt cups

Plastic shopping bags and fruit and vegetable bags

Ice cream packaging

Filling material of plastic shipping packaging, such as bubble wrap or foam

Food cans

Crown caps

Plastic trays and films for foodstuffs

Menu trays of ready meals

Milk and beverage cartons

Cereal bar foil

Pasta bags

Cleaning and detergent bottles

Squeeze or refill bags e.g. for detergent, liquid soap or fruit puree

Mustard tubes

Shampoo bottles

Spray cans

Soup and sauce bags

Pet food cans and bowls

Toothpaste tubes

… and what does not belong in the recyclables collection?

Batteries and rechargeable batteries, construction waste, tinware, CDs and floppy disks, printer cartridges, buckets, disposable razors, electrical appliances, folding boxes, lighters, films, DVDs and video cassettes, incandescent and energy-saving light bulbs, rubber, hygiene articles, children’s toys, transparent sleeves, ballpoint pens, packaging that has not been emptied of its contents, plasters, plastic bowls, bandages, shoes, pantyhose, polystyrene remnants from insulation panels, diapers, toothbrushes.

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