7 tips on dealing with fast fashion

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With every breath we take, we absorb microplastics from our clothing. It makes its way through our bodies mercilessly. Researchers have now detected microplastics in our blood, our lungs, and even in the placenta. The effects on health have not yet been sufficiently researched. This makes it all the more important to check your own closet and shopping habits. We have it in our own hands. Xenia Kersten, flustix expert for sustainable textiles, explains what we can actively do to stop this madness.

Buy sustainable clothing instead of fast fashion
„Yes, of course, sustainable clothing is more expensive – but you also don’t buy it new every month. With proper care, a pair of quality made jeans will last for many years. Just like a favorite hoodie. One example is the flustix-certified streetwear collection from Berlin-based fashion label bleed.“

Buy second hand fashion
„There are really very good deals out there – second-hand chains like Humana, as well as small stores and several great apps, like Vinted. I’ve been buying (and selling) almost exclusively second-hand for years – it’s more environmentally friendly, cheaper, and in the spirit of the circular economy. Many clothes and shoes are either new or worn only once or twice. And if it doesn’t fit, it’s just resold or given away.“

Sewing and plugging holes is “in” again
„Just take a needle and a thread and darn the holes in your socks instead of immediately ordering new ones over the internet – that would help the environment tremendously. Repairing clothes is one of the most important factors. If the repair should be a little more elaborate, then the small business owner around the corner would also be happy about a new order!“

Rent ceremonial dresses
„It doesn’t make sense to buy an evening gown or a tuxedo costing several hundred euros for a one-off occasion, which then rots in the closet after the ceremony and no longer fits after ten years. Wedding dresses, evening gowns, and tuxedos can be rented – that saves emissions and also a lot of money.“

Choose basics with timeless design
„A collection of timeless designs in your closet suits every season – and many occasions. Extravagant clothes can be fun but think beforehand about whether you really wear them regularly. Less is better: The ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ is an extremely sustainable trend.“

Less washing
„Synthetic microfibers are released into the environment primarily during washing. This cannot be completely prevented, but it can be significantly reduced. Washing and drying less often is a very simple measure that can be implemented immediately. The management consultants from KcKinsey calculated: Washing and drying less could save 186 million tons of Co2 annually. What’s more, items like jeans and thick sweaters should rather be aired, than stuffed into the washing machine.“

Use a machine filter and garment bags
„Several manufacturers are currently developing filters with which washing machines can be re-equipped – and so catch the synthetic fibers. Washing bags (approx. 30 euros) are much simpler and cheaper. It catches a large part of the microfibers, and the collected remains can be disposed of in the residual waste.“

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