Is organic waste still organic if it’s in a plastic bag?

Is organic waste still organic if it’s in a plastic bag? 1920 768 flustix

Here you will find all lists for your waste from paper, glass, organic waste – and the residual waste. The list with all recyclables for the yellow garbage can you can find here


For all packaging and non-packaging made of paper, cardboard or carton, however, excluding food waste.


Packaging: Roll, butcher and fruit bags, egg cartons, folding cartons of any shape, paper, cardboard and cardboard shipping box fillers, flour and sugar bags, pasta cartons, paper shopping bags, cardboard yogurt cup wrappers, pizza boxes, chocolate boxes. Non-packaging: Letters, envelopes, books, wrapping paper, catalogs, postcards, exercise books, advertising leaflets, magazines, newspapers.


Butter foil, photographs, wooden boxes, excelsior, cash register receipts and bank statements (thermal papers), kitchen and paper handkerchiefs, plastics, bubble wrap, milk or beverage cartons, soup and sauce bags, special papers, e.g., baking paper, thermal paper, photo paper, styrofoam, wallpaper, soiled or filled packaging.


For bottles and glass packaging emptied of residues, sorted by the colors white, brown and green.


All glass bottles without deposit, e.g. for wine, sparkling wine, spirits, vinegar, oil, milk, fruit and vegetable juices and fruit nectars, flacons made of glass, e.g. perfume bottles, jam, pickle and mustard jars, other packaging glass for fruit, sauces, soups, vegetables.


Casserole dishes, car lamps, car windows, lead glass, flower vases, ceramics, ceran hobs, flat glass, glass ceramics, light bulbs, heat-resistant glass, insulating glass, coffee pots, fireplace and oven glass, ceramics, fluorescent tubes, microwave dishes, monitor glass, porcelain dishes, products and packaging components made of plastic, mirror glass, syringes, earthenware bottles, plates, cups, drinking glasses.


For compostable kitchen and garden waste. Attention: There are regionally differing regulations here.


Flowers, fallen fruit, coffee grounds, kitchen paper, leaves, fruit and vegetable peelings, lawn and green cuttings, leftover meat, sausage, baked goods, plants, food scraps, tea, animal bedding (biodegradable), Christmas tree, newspaper and wrapping paper as well as paper bags for wrapping in small quantities.


Ash, treated wood, sweepings, plastic bags (including biodegradable), leather, residual waste, sand, stones, textiles, animal bedding (mineral), packaging.


For household waste and for plastics and metals that are not packaging.


Aluminum foil, ashes, baking paper, sandwich paper, coronatest, sanitary napkins, buckets, dried paint, window glass, dishes, face mask, hygiene products, cat litter, coal, plastic containers, soiled/coated paper, pans, razor blades, napkins, mirrors, vacuum cleaner bags, fabric scraps, matches, pantyhose, wallpaper scraps, tissues, pots, broken drinking glasses, bird sand, cotton swabs diapers, toothbrush, cigarette butts.


Waste glass, waste paper, batteries, construction waste, organic waste, chemical problem substances, beverage cartons.

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