Fire hazard! Lithium batteries have absolutely nothing to do in the trash bin

Fire hazard! Lithium batteries have absolutely nothing to do in the trash bin 1920 768 flustix


Simply disposing of a broken smartphone or a defective cordless screwdriver in the trash is a fire hazard. Most of the electrical appliances we use every day contain lithium batteries. Although they are extremely powerful, they can easily catch fire if handled or disposed of incorrectly. For this reason, the general rule is: never throw rechargeable batteries in the household waste or the yellow garbage can, but always dispose of them at the collection points.

What is so dangerous about lithium batteries?

It’s the lithium itself. The metal is reactive and easily flammable. Serious fires caused by individual lithium batteries occur time and again, both in garbage trucks and in recycling centers. All that is needed is for the different poles of the batteries to touch, for example through metals or other conductive substances in the waste.

Where can I return the batteries?

Everywhere where devices with lithium batteries or batteries themselves are sold. Also at all recycling centers and mobile hazardous waste collections. The return is always free of charge.

P.s.: By the way, flustix supports the demand of the leading recycling associations for a deposit system for lithium batteries, as these are very often responsible for burning down entire recycling centers.

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