Editorial to our newsletter

Editorial to our newsletter 150 150 flustix

Dear Readers,

A few days ago, several media reported on microplastics found in the Antarctic. The feeling quickly sets in with a report like: heard it all before, read it all before. Unfortunately, this news release is about a new quality of horror: the microscopic plastic particles were stuck in the fresh snow of the Ross Shelf Ice – in an area where humans appear as frequently as dolphins off Usedom (pretty much never). “It’s incredibly sad,” explained one of the researchers. “It underscores the extent of plastic pollution even in the most remote regions of the world.”

After the previous mailing of our new flustix newsletter, a friend asked me: Why are you now doing this kind of newsletter as well? The answer is also connected to the Antarctic news quoted above: because the topic moves us not only as an organization but also as people. To curb the impact of pollution – is a vision of flustix. That’s why we license plastic-free and recycled products or recyclable packaging. It’s also why we want to educate about what’s going wrong, and what we can do better.

We know that alone we can’t save the world. But we can do our part to protect our earth. Mindfulness and education are the basics. That’s what we’re working on. Please join us.

Malte Biss
CEO of flustix