Editorial to the July newsletter

Editorial to the July newsletter 150 150 flustix

Dear people,

a heated discussion has flared up about the German recycling system. It was triggered by the ARD documentary “Die Recyclinglüge” (The Recycling Lie), which was broadcast in mid-June. The two authors Tom Costello and Benedikt Wermter take an all-round look and come to the conclusion: the recycling industry has failed. Our efforts to separate and recycle waste end up in the ocean or in illegal landfills.

As much as I’m pleased that this sensational documentary brings the topic into the public spotlight, I’m also annoyed by some of the authors’ sweeping accusations. They argue with different recycling rates, make connections with impressive images that are not universally valid – and emotionalize a topic that we urgently need to look at rationally.

This starts with waste separation. In this newsletter, we take a closer look at the yellow garbage can, talk about the recyclable materials and the potential they offer, and explain why the system urgently needs to be optimized in a number of areas. Yes, I agree with the authors of the “Recycling Lie” – the system is certainly not yet optimal. But it has by no means failed. We’ve already achieved something, but that’s just the beginning – now we’re really getting started.

At this point, I would like to pay tribute to the achievements of one politician, the father of the yellow garbage can: Klaus Töpfer. The then Federal Environment Minister and CDU politician was way ahead of his time in the early 1990s under Chancellor Kohl when he launched the dual system in the form of the Green Dot – with full conviction, against much opposition. Klaus Töpfer turns 84 this month. We congratulate him and wish him the best of health. Oh and yes, the system was implemented by someone else, a real pain in the neck, who also deserves respect. Who am I talking about? Read about it here.

But now into the yellow garbage can. If you like our stories and our newsletter, we would be happy about a recommendation!

Malte Biss
flustix founder and managing director