What’s flustix about?

A product certification mark for consumer protection, the environment and the economy

The flustix PLASTICFREE trustmarks, as well as the combi-seals flustix RECYCLED and flustix RECYCLABLE are the first and only registered European sustainability certificate concerning plastic-use in products. The name “flustix”  is a neologism and a word combination created from the claim “free from plastics”.

flustix tests products and packaging for their use and volume of plastics. Plastic-free as well as plastic-reduced products can be labelled with our symbol. We thereby provide a reliable guide for eco-conscious customers and facilitate CSR for brands.

The flustix certification mark is the world’s first symbol for plastic-free products and plastic contents, registered as a European Union Certification Mark by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. With this registration, Flustix can be considered both a certification mark as well as a legally protected word and figurative trademark.

To clearly communicate plastic minimization to the consumers, flustix labels products according to six specific categories:

  • complete product
  • packaging
  • content
  • content free from microbeads
  • products made from recycled plastics (flustix RECYCLED)
  • products with recycling capability (flustix RECYCLABLE)

By distinguishing between these categories we enable a variety of product components to qualify for our certification mark. Items that reduce the use of plastic are equally qualified to apply for the mark as those which are already completely plastic free. Items which are naturally free of plastics and synthetics or are prohibited from containing such materials by law, such as food and beverages, can only be classified with our green ‘plastic-free packaging’ label. Suggesting that the item itself or its content are plastic-free is not permitted. Cosmetics and sanitary products are not part of this category. However, they can be candidates for the ‘content-free-of-plastics’ label or even qualify for the ‘content-free-of-microplastics’ label.

Choose the most reliable standard in material-testing.

A credible and dynamic certification for pioneers in plastic-reduction.