Information about the application process

Can I afford it? YES!

You can apply for the Flustix seal for any product line – no matter how big or small. The licence fees are based on the annual product-relevant turnover and are settled via our independent logo and licence partner DIN CERTCO. Linking the licence fee to the annual turnover ensures that not only large companies but also SMEs and start-ups can afford the flustix trustmark. The flustix RECYCLABLE trsutmark is available at an even lower price: Independent of the product-relevant turnover, a fixed annual licence fee of 500,- Euro per year applies, plus one-time costs for the assessment of recyclability.

How do I apply for certification?

You can request a non-binding certification offer fast & easy via our online enquiry area. If you would like to skip this step and apply for certification directly, you will find an application form for flustix PLASTIC-FREE, flustix RECYCLED and flustix RECYCLABLE as a PDF document in our download-centre, which you can complete, sign and send to DIN CERTCO by e-mail (or post). A DIN CERTCO employee will contact you as soon as possible to coordinate the further procedure.


To request a non-binding offer, please go to our online enquiry area for flustix PLASTIC FREE. You will then receive a detailed cost estimate. If you place the order with our partner DIN CERTCO, your company will be asked to send two samples each of the products to be tested to flustix and our partner laboratory WESSLING. If the analysis results in a qualification for one of the plastic-free trustmarks, you can apply for the licence to use the flustix PLASTIC-FREE mark and receive corresponding print files and design specifications.

flustix RECYCLED

The application for a licence for the flustix RECYCLED trustmark is also carried out by our partner DIN CERTCO. Instead of a laboratory test, an audit of the production and supply chain is required to determine the proportion and origin of recycled materials used. Please fill out the form in the online enquiry area for flustix RECYCLED. You will then receive a non-binding offer with a detailed cost estimate.


With flustix RECYCLABLE, recyclable packaging can be labelled. Please go to our online enquiry area for flustix RECYCLABLE and fill in the form. You will then receive a non-binding offer with a detailed cost estimate.


Please note that our certification partner DIN CERTCO cannot provide a cost estimate in advance without submitting relevant data via the online form. Testing, audit and licensing costs can vary greatly depending on the product type and relevant annual turnover, therefore it is necessary that information about your product / packaging is available for the calculation of the proposal.


Address for sending product samples (concerns only flustix PLASTIC FREE):

Wessling GmbH
Abteilung Geschäftsfeld funktionale Materialien
Reference “Flustix”
Am Umweltpark 1
44793 Bochum

Contact person: Dr. Jens Reiber
T: +49 250 589 693


Address for sending in certification applications or supplementary data sheets (optional):

DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung mbH
Alboinstr. 56
D-12103 Berlin

T: +49 30 7562-1131

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