Products admissible for certification

Certifications for plastic-free and recycled products and components.

Any type of product can qualify for one of the flustix PLASTICFREE seals. Product components such as packaging or contents can be tested and labeled separately. After successful testing and issuance of a license, the product labeling is available to you for advertising on-pack, at the point of sale, in print and online media, and in television commercials. For the exact licensing regulations, please refer to the website of our independent logo and licensing partner DIN CERTCO.

The flustix RECYCLED and flustix RECYCLABLE marks, in collaboration with audit and licensing partner DIN CERTCO, certify products that are recyclable or made entirely or partially from secondary materials. flustix RECYCLED not only provides clarity for end consumers, but also for semi-finished products, components and raw materials (recycled plastics), a label can be useful in the B2B sector. The seal also provides transparency about the recyclate type. flustix RECYCLABLE also tests and labels packaging for recyclability. Thus, the flustix seal series offers a unique approach to 360-degree plastic sustainability.

Products admissable for certification

Plastikfreie Kosmetik
Plastikfreie Haushaltswaren
Household goods
plastikfreie Lebensmittel
Food & beverages
plastikfreie Möbel
plastikfreies Spielzeug
plastikfreie Technik
Plastikfreie Kleidung

Testing and awarding

Strong partners – strong credibility

Each product or component has to pass through a multitiered plastic-testing method prior to the awarding of the flustix certification.

If  a company intends to get certified by our independant trustmark, two items need to be sent to flustix and our partner laboratory for testing. There, chemical experts test the item thoroughly using the latest analytical methods. These results give conclusive grounds for the awarding of the plastic-free certificate through our licencing partner DIN CERTCO.

In order to certify goods with the flustix RECYCLED trustmark, production chains and suppliers are audited by our partner DIN CERTCO / TÜV Rheinland. On the basis of an in-depth assessment, the percentage of secondary plastics is determined and the end product can be marked accordingly – with the percentage number of contained recyclates.

Being certified by an independent sustainability institution enables brands to credibly express their increased CSR engagement within the field of plastic-reduction. flustix does not intend to generally devalue synthetic materials or products containing such. Plastics are indispensable in medical appliances, transport and security businesses. In fact, flustix acknowledges plastic as a valuable material that has to be economized and used in an environmentally friendly manner. flustix guides you onto the consumer market of tomorrow. Have your product tested and certified by flustix!

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