Vision and Mission

Plastic reduction meets consumer protection – independent, solution-oriented and credible

Plastic pollution has reached vast proportions. By now, plastic residue and tiny plastic particles can be detected in food, water and the ground. The consequences for the environment are fatal – animals and plants are dying and our health is suffering. There is no doubt that we have to cut the use of plastic and rethink synthetic materials in general.  At Flustix, we believe that avoiding plastics has to become a focus of corporate CSR-strategies.

Our vision is a world in which we protect nature effectively and use resources responsibly. Flustix is dedicated to plastic reduction and the avoidance of plastic waste. We support the responsible use of fossil fuels. We want to respond to consumer demand for less plastic packaging. We also provide information and education about the dangers of plastic overuse. We work in close collaboration with environmental organisations and actively support regulations within plastic production. We support environmental organisations, research and educational advertising. The topic is widely discussed in the media, politics and society in general. It is becoming increasingly challenging for corporations and the market to translate this new quest for sustainability into corporate governance. Consumers are more aware than ever, requesting plastic-free alternatives and greater transparency in the market.

We believe in rethinking plastics - avoiding instead of producing new petroleum based materials

Flustix as an organisation does not aim to demonise synthetics in general. We believe plastic is a valuable resource which should be used as little as possible. Synthetic materials are indispensable in the medical, transport and security sectors. That is why we have dedicated our work to reducing consumer plastics. To this end, we support environmental organisations, research and educational advertising. The topic is widely discussed in the media, politics and society in general. It is becoming increasingly challenging for corporations and the market to translate this new quest for sustainability into corporate governance. Consumers are more aware than ever, requesting plastic-free alternatives and greater transparency in the market.

Flustix no plastics

Flustix offers a viable solution

Our product seal is more than just reliable. Our austere chemical testing process of items by the indepentant laboratory WESSLING provides waterproof credibility. Fact is: only 40% of plastic packaging is actually being recycled. Real recycling rates are continously stagnating because the majority of 60% of packaging is being recycled through so called “energy recovery” – which means: plastic is being burned instead of reused.We have to cut the production of single-use plastic and accomodate customer’s quests for less synthetics. We need to create a constructive exchange between corporations and consumers, which protects the environment and translates policies and regulations. This is what Flustix stands for.

Environmentally sound

Flustix-certified goods represent a new standard in sustainable product design. Why? Plastic is an everlasting material. It does not decay. Instead, it fragments into smaller particles which are increasingly accumulating in nature. Plastic residue and particles have become a global environmental problem. Therefore, plastic has to be reduced in consumer goods and be banned generally as a single-use material. Flustix encourages brands to use less plastic in their product design and incorporate the reduction of synthetics in their general CSR-strategies. Avoiding plastic in the first place is always better than disposing of it!

Socially beneficial

Reducing plastic in consumer products benefits society as a whole: resources are conserved and our health benefits from fewer synthetics. It is high time for firms to respond to customers’ wishes and reduce single-use plastic, especially where plastic is unnecessary and creates additional cost. With Flustix’ extensive PR and online communication strategy we educate both consumers and brands. What’s more, we want to provide information about the dangers of plastic overuse and encourage the use of alternatives. We support local initiatives to clean beaches, rivers and the ocean. Local places such as parks and cities are subject to littering and pollution too. That’s why Flustix dedicates its work to local activities of all scales.

plastic free economically-successful

Economically successful

Plastic-free materials are commercially successful, as our study in Germany shows. A plastic-free product is a sustainable product and can be communicated as such to the modern customer who wants to make an eco-friendly buying decision. When packaging solutions are innovated, a positive marketing effect is created. Nevertheless, synthetics should not be demonised in this marketing process: plastic is indispensable in the medical, transport and security sectors. However, financial profit should never be made at the expense of the environment. Therefore, a plastic-reduction certification mark can increase your brand’s value.

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