What is flustix RECYCLABLE

flustix RECYCLABLE is the first independent trustmark for labelling recyclability in Germany.

Together with the established certification partner DIN CERTCO, flustix certifies the recyclability of packaging. Manufacturers of sustainable packaging can receive the flustix RECYCLABLE mark in a fast and easy way.

The basis of the verification is a laboratory analysis in which the recyclability of the used materials in the packaging is verified. Safety, experience, and a high testing standard are provided by the partner’s DIN CERTCO and accredited testing laboratories. Benefit now from a recognized independent licensing model: After a successful laboratory test and the flat fee for evaluating the result, only a flat annual license fee of € 500 is charged for the full use of the Flustix-DINplus combination mark “flustix RECYCLABLE”.

With the acquisition of flustix RECYCLABLE, you can also advertise with the “DIN plus” seal, which is integrated into the flustix mark, and fulfill the requirements of the VerpackG §21.

Flustix Recyclable Siegel

What flustix RECYCLABLE provides:

  • B2B: Certification of products and packaging
  • B2C: Certification of products and packaging at the POS
  • Easier international trade due to established standard basics
  • DIN Plus integrated in the trustmark
  • Independent communication of recyclability
  • Recognition within the VerpackG

flustix RECYCLABLE – Your advantages

Preference in public procurement
Continuous expansion of brand awareness through attractive marketing and press work on the flustix RECYCLABLE trustmark
Independent testing, material analysis and evaluation of your product regarding the recyclability
Ensuring a consistently high level of testing and quality

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