Advantages for consumers

Flustix lists certified products

We inform consumers about newly certified products by listing them on our webiste.

Our social media channels gathers latest news about plastic and the environment. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

Our blog provides more in-depth information on scientific research, consumer protection and policies regardsing plastic regulations. You can find out about tricks how to avoid plastic and read other interesting articles around the subject.

Our Studies-section gathers data on plastic from reliable sources.

The overuse of plastic is a topic which is broadly discussed within the media and society in genral. Political regulations are being annouced for the future. Research shows that German consumers want to cut the use of plastics, especially the use of micro beads in cosmetics and that they are even willing to pay more for plasic free products. Sustainability is a selling point today as a positive lifestyle is communicated to the customer.

Our seal provides credibility through an austere testing of products and combines consumer interests with economic interests of the economy.