UK Plastic Tax Fact Sheet

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The UK Plastic Tax came into force on April 1, 2022. The aim of the new plastic tax is to create an economic incentive for the use of recyclates and alternative, plastic-free materials. This is intended to strengthen the circular economy and reduce the burden on the environment. Less waste, fewer landfills, fewer emissions, according to the bill. Read more about the consequences for companies affected by the new plastic tax and the advantages of obtaining independent certification now in our UK Plastic Tax Fact Sheet!

What is the UK Plastic Tax?

Plastic packaging manufactured in the UK or imported into the UK that contains less than 30% recyclates will in future be taxed at a flat rate of 200 British pounds (approx. EUR 235) per ton.

What counts as plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging is packaging that is predominantly made of plastic by its total weight. The new tax is levied on imported plastic packaging, regardless of whether it is empty or filled.

Who is affected by the new tax?

  • Plastic packaging manufacturers in the United Kingdom
  • Importers of plastic packaging
  • Business clients of plastic packaging manufacturers and importers

Does evidence need to be provided?

Yes, affected companies must report the total weight and recycled content of their plastic packaging to the UK government’s tax department on a quarterly basis.

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Product Certification: flustix certifies raw materials, components, semifinished and finished-products. Our current license holders include recyclers as well as manufacturer of finished products.

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Facilitating Trade: flustix certification provides a reliable standard for you and your customers so that the origin of the recycled good is ensured. In the global market of recycled goods transparency and trust are a cornerstone of business.

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Recognized by EU: flustix is recognized by the European Union as a good practice on their Circular Economy Platform as well as by the German government, various NGOs and customer protection organizations. With a flustix certification you can meet the current and future verification obligations.

flustix accepts EuCertPlast: flustix auditors are accredited by EUCertPlast, flustix accepts the EUCertPlast certificates. If you buy recyclates from an EuCertPlast certified dealer or are yourself certified by EuCertPlast, the audit for the flustix RECYCLED seal is not required.

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